Messaging for business – built by business people.

Forsta is designed to accelerate the speed of your business supported by a seasoned group with a record for developing world-class SaaS software.


Forsta has built a better way for business to manage, retain, search, and export messages and collaboration. Exclusive features speed group messaging, provide end-to-end encryption, allow on or off-the-record communication - all while meeting enterprise business requirements. 

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Forsta provides legal holds to preserve information in the case of lawsuits or internal investigations. Our audit capabilities allow companies to track user activity such as searches, message views, and meta-data to assist in data loss prevention.

Open api.
3rd party apps. 
Platform independent.

Forsta provides authenticated APIs for 3rd party integration, bots, or other tools. Example integrations include G-Suites, Azure, IoT devices, office space management, and COC for public safety. 

Business Messaging at Human Scale.

Forsta mainstreams messaging for business through adaptable, natural design that speeds adoption and improves efficencies by reducing clicks.

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